About Us


Tony and Janet Wagner have been technical professionals for over 40 years.  Both of us have truly enjoyed and excelled in  our varied engineering careers:  electronics, computers, and building maintenance.  Tony’s last 10 years with CDCR (California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation) was as a manager in Plant Operations.   Janet was an IT Specialist and managed many IT projects for Department of Defense at DMDC.

Our home is most blessed when filled with family and friends: making music, playing games, cooking or working together on a community project.  We love to be busy, engaged in something constructive. 

Sportsman Motel is our retirement business venture. Financial advisers tell us the secret to a happy retirement is staying busy.  Our small motel will give us plenty to do, projects to work on and keep us socially engaged with our guests.   Keeping the occupancy around  20 units will enable us to share our property and varied interests with our guests but not overwhelm us. Keeping the scope small will give us flexibility to enjoy a few traveling adventures of our own. 

We have been involved in social organizations for many years.  We have served as officers at our American Legion Post, American Legion Riders Chapter and Arroyo Seco Citizen’s Association.  Both of us have proudly served our country:  Tony in the Army  and Janet in the Marine Corps.